Android Mobile Phone Codes for Every One

Android Moblie tricks

We usually go after using mobile phones for various kinds of problems. Many times we cannot solve them. That's why we have to go to the mobile servicing center Let's go through different types of problems. And we can solve this ourselves if we know any code.

if you want to know the International Equipment Identity or IMEI number of mobile then you have to dial * # 1 # this code. Also you can find out moreYou can dial this code to restore * # 1 # (all phone information will be deleted). If you want to see the software version of your phone, you can dial * # 0000 # this code.

If you want to know the Bluetooth and other device information on your mobile you can dial this code * # 2820 #. And dial * # 62209526 # if you want to see the Wireless Local Area Networking's Mac addressYou can dial * # 1 # if you want to see the serial number of your phone.

 If for any reason you want to divert your mobile phone all kinds of call then you type ** 21 Press and hold the number you want to divert and then press the Call button then your call will be divert.

We have a number of code for Samsung and Samsung Mobile that you can use * # 9999 # This code can be used if you want to get software version ideas. And knew the serial number of the phone
* # 0001 # You can use this code. You can dial this code * # 9998 * 246 # to check the battery status. Take a look