Basic Intro of Graphic Design 

Today is the time of internet. Life is incomplete without Facebook. As long as we are students then it is fine, but when we will be self-reliant, if we do the job then all this dazzling life will change. Like an accountant or manager goes far away from all these things.

But if we talk about graphic designer, then it is such a job that has Glamor, and you will keep updating with this changing world. You will know all the new trends. You will be aware about the whole world by joining the media. Also there is much more that any Graphic Designer can tell you correctly.

Some people have these misconceptions in the brain that it is necessary to come to English to make a career in graphic. This is absolutely right, but if you are a creative artist, then English is not a big problem. And to make you a creative artist, I started writing this blog. Which will give you the information about all the software and tools related to Graphic Design in Hindi. And you will be able to learn all the software related to Graphic Design through internet.

Let's first look at the list of softwares which the graphic designer uses more.
First of all, we will prepare you for print design. Most of the time we use CorelDraw 9, Photoshop and InDesign.