Your data gets saved on Google server, you can delete it with the help of 6 steps

How to Delete Data from google :

This idea can distract many people that every information related to you is being saved somewhere. Taking lessons from the immorality of Facebook in terms of user data collection and sharing, big tech companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft are taking user data privacy very seriously.

However, as soon as you are online, use cell phones or communicate in the digital world… all your information starts accumulating. It is very difficult to stop this data from reaching these companies, but then you can do something.

Google has very seriously retained the rights of this collected data under the control of the user. Whatever you do on Google or on apps, this is one of the reasons why data accumulates. Recently Google has given the facility to delete the data after the fixed time limit. If you do not want your data to always be kept on Google's server, then it can also be easily deleted. Just follow these steps ...

Go to Google account page

Click on 'Data and Personalization' on the left sidebar or 'Manage your data and personalization' on the Privacy and Personalization card.

Click on 'Web & App Activity' in the Activity Controls box.

Then click on 'Manage Activity'.

So, click on "Chose how long to keep".

You can choose any of the three options. These three options are to keep the data for three months,
keep the data for 18 months and manually delete it. Choose from the three that you feel is appropriate.

Also know

You can also prevent Google from collecting data. You can pause this data collection, but with this you will have to compromise all the personalized features from Google apps and service.