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How to Update iPhone IOS 13

How to Update iPhone IOS 13:

The latest iOS 13 updates have started coming to older iPhones and an iPod touch model. There are going to be many new features and changes under this, such as dedicated dark mode, new keyboard gestures, re-designed photo app, apple arcade etc.

However, before installing this update without any hindrance, you will need to make some necessary changes to your iOS device, as well as backup it, so that your photos, videos and apps are safe. Also before installing this update connect your device with a good internet connection, check the available storage on the device and remove unused apps to complete the backup and installation process faster.

Apple iCloud Backup Service

Users can start a backup manually in this way - first go to Settings, then tap on your name, select the iCloud option and tap on iCloud Backup and hit the Backup Now button. Check your internet connectivity during the backup process and ensure that your device's battery is at least 50% charged. It would be better to plug the device into a power socket.

Backup iphone and ipod

This work is easiest on the smartphone. IOS devices can be backed up using iCloud or iTunes on a PC or Mac. However, just before updating iOS 13, it is necessary to reserve your smartphone, because if there is any problem then all your data will be saved with Apple.

Backing up from iTunes
requires a Mac or Windows computer ...

Unlock the device and connect iPhone or iPod with PC or Mac.

Open iTunes and click on the music dropdown with small thumbnail places.

Now click on the backup section from the left side.

Select the iCloud option and box the Encrypt iPhone backup for extra security. Encryption password will be asked here.

Now click on the Backup Now button and once iOS 13 is installed, select the iTunes option on the backup screen, then connect and re-store the phone first.