latest Facebook Monitization news in 2019

Many people laugh when they hear this. But think for a moment. Why not pay a Facebook company to pay us for it? May have noticed a few things. The space allocated for advertising has been increased. We also have ads on our page. Ads are popping up in our mailbox without us even asking. At the same time, Facebook users are also raising awareness. In fact, Facebook is growing in demand to pay for all of us who use it.

facebook monitiztion

From last year on Facebook, anyone can make money and make their information known to everyone. The publisher of a piece of information must pay a certain amount of money for it. This has greatly impressed many businesses. Political parties also take advantage of this opportunity during elections. The new arrangement shatters the purpose of social networking sites like Facebook. The fake equality among Facebook users has disappeared, leaving the rich and poor in the same place.

Of course, Facebook is not a charity for social service. It aims to make a profit from the beginning. As users, every information we post on Facebook and every photo we upload becomes the property of Facebook. Even if we cancel our account, all of that information will continue to be stored on Facebook. The point here is that our personal life information is not made public on Facebook. It becomes a commodity, contrary to our wishes. A commodity holder can make a profit by selling it.

The number of Facebook users worldwide now exceeds one billion. Facebook has retained billions of information published by all of them. If you think Facebook is a country, it would be the second largest country in the world today. One billion Facebook users, one million links and one million posts within twenty minutes. Adding two million friends. 

This statistic does not only show how extensive the Facebook network is. It also helps to calculate the total value of Facebook. At the moment, Facebook has a total value of $ 140 billion. This may be an excessive amount of time. But that didn’t stop Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg from making $ 6 million a day last year.

As Facebook's profit margins continue to increase year-on-year, so are the opposition voices. In the US,  analyst Laurel Ptak , based in New York City,  has published an Anal Flying report. The central theme of the statement was:  "Facebook should pay its users wages."  At the beginning of the report, she writes:

 "Using Facebook is a friendly activity. We call it free labor." Everything like "Like", "Short Message", "Link" makes them profitable. We share our information with others. They say It kal "

 According to Laurel Ptak , every information we post on Facebook stems from our labor. For that we set aside a portion of the time and do something constructive. Of course, that too is a labor. But labor, which is not determined by price, is saved as surplus value. In fairness, the surplus value of our labor, which we have to join, is being replaced by cash. We call this theft. 

For example, suppose Facebook is a book. It is a book written by tens of thousands of people. A small group of people owns the royalty amount of book sales generated by the collective effort of many. In order to prevent this daylight robbery, users have to be politicized. The feeling that we are working for a business for free should develop among consumers. Consumers should also ask for a share in the profits made to Facebook.

Can't expect that the Facebook company will hear this and start paying for all of us tomorrow. They have a monopoly on the social network and ignore it. But the legitimate demand that workers be able to ask for a wage can spark an Internet revolution. That is the weakness of Facebook. This is because Facebook cannot operate without users. That is why we emphasize the need for politicians to be politicized. "What is labor? How does surplus value develop?" To gain such knowledge.

A study published by Laurel Ptak is all about Facebook. But there are some other Internet companies that sell the surplus value that comes from the labor of consumers. Google, Twitter, Yahoo etc to name a few. It is time to spread awareness about this, not only the internet revolution but also the social revolution. This is because there are many organizations that steal the daughter's free labor. 

First we will learn what words like labor and work mean. After that, we will make new friends and expand our circle of friendship.