Top 5 Small Business Ideas Small business big Profit Ideas

Top 5 Small Business

1. Hair Salon Opening (Saloon)

If you know how to cut hair then this is a very good option for you. You can earn money by opening a hair salon shop anywhere, because people live everywhere and in such a situation, their hair grows.You Need some low Investment but it has a lot of profit.

2. Embroidery in clothing

Nowadays everyone wants to wear nice and beautiful clothes because people want to look attractive by wearing them. Especially women love embroidered clothes. Therefore, embroidery business can be a good option for you. Especially for those talented women who are looking for work. This is a very good option for them. Which can also be done sitting at home.

3. Bread making / bakery

You can start this work from your home also. Nowadays the number of people eating bread is increasing because the breakfast which is prepared in the shortest time comes in the category. So bread making business is a very good option for you. you can start with a good drug investment.

4. Jan Aushadhi Kendra (Janaushadhi Kendra)

It is a good option for those who have about 130 square feet of land in which they can build their own shop and open Jan Aushadhi Kendra in it. For this, you will need an investment of about 2 to 3 lakh rupees. In such a situation you can apply to open Jan Aushadhi Kendra under the government scheme and start your business with the help of the government.

5. Animal feed

You can call animal feed as animal feed that most dairy and poultry farms use, which provides a good option if you belong to an area where poultry and dairy work it happens. Then this is a good option for you.

6. Fish farming

If you live in a village and you have a small pond then this is a very good option for you. You can do fisheries business because the government is also encouraging people for this and you will also get a loan from the bank for fisheries . So in such a way it becomes a very good option for you.