Top 8 Tips for Blogger Post SEO in 2020

Today, We Discuss about Blogging tips for Post SEO Friendly. We write This post for you and Beginner who don't know about Blogger SEO. After Reading this Post I am sure you are able to Do SEO of Your own Blogger post. So, Read these Tips Care fully. 


Tips for Blogging: 

1. Blogger is a free service for the first time as a freelancer and a free service for those who are interested in writing.

2. But nowadays many use it for business purposes, Google has no restrictions on it but everyone usually has some restrictions on the blocker. There are no limits or rules in the blogger for it.

3. The most important blogger technique we are familiar with today is the basics.

4. Seo is not the only technique. Here are 7 basic rules and techniques to shop!

5. Did you write metadata for your blogger first? If not, do it, because that's the basis

6. The robot after that. The text Robot.txt editor needs to be set up

7. The key is to write keyword or meta data for Blogger! Written?

8. Next we need to write blogger category description

9. Did you write?

10. These four things are the most important attainable thing for SEO for a blogger.

 I'm going to continue to write more and more seo. If you have this information in mind, please share it with your friends. Why SEO is just that? If you like this Article Then Share it with Your Friends. Thank You.