Whatsapp Tips and Tricks  Whatsapp With New Update 

Get up early in the morning and start good watching ... Whatsit, which is a day-to-day chat, has lots of amazing tricks we don't know. Here are some of our other tricks for sending photos, like Christmas Photos  video and text.

1. Write in Photo: 

Whats up with new updates when you send the photo to a group or friend, clicking on the Edit option at the top of the photo and drawing it with the hands of the image.

2. Stylish characters:

You are sending a message in which the important thing is to be bold. Some characters must be shown in italics. Or if you want to highlight some things in a message sent by your friend, you can do that in Whats App.

The word on the front and back  *  tag adds Bolt and   _   tag to add the slash characters, ~  tag atittukkattappatta characters can be combined.

* Vatsap *
~ WhatsApp ~

3. Memory Killer! 

Your phone may be a phone with less memory. If you suffer from overflowing galleries with Whats App forwards, you can easily find out who your memory killer is. But currently this feature is only available on iPhone. Come soon to Android. Go to Settings> Account> Storage Usage to see who occupies most of your Whats App memory.

4. Blutique doesn't know!

This is the biggest problem for today's Jews. Dick arrives, Message to read the message Ripley Mutenkura! This is the option to put an end to this problem. If you go to Account> Privacy and turn off the 'Read Receipts' option, Bluetooth doesn't know.

5. Tech Make:

Whats App Group has 1000 Conversation Alam Group per day. If you are talking to a grandchild in some other important place, it may be unknown to him. But I don't have that problem anymore. If Krupa and you speak yorkita, type it with your grandchildren, it will remind him correctly.

6. Privacy:

Why didn't you sleep until 2 pm yesterday? Whats up and up time What is Velon Strict Opera?